Light Show Hours:

(November 23rd - January 2nd.)
5:30pm-10:30pm (Sun. - Thurs.)
5:30pm-11:00pm (Fri. - Sat.)

(The light show will not be on during rain or just after a rain.
I have problems with GFCI breakers.)

Display UPDATE:

 [Today is: 09/23/2017]

I have decided since my second son has come into this world, I am devoting my extra time to my family this year. This also gives me some time to think about redesigns for next year. Sorry to all the people that follow me online but we're looking forward to a 2017 show.

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The 2017 light show will be powered by over 80,000 lights!!!

Fun Facts!!!

  • 150 hrs yard setup (Display setup starting Oct. 15th)
  • Programming - 25 hrs per min of music
    21 min show = 525 hrs Programming
  • 26 seprate breakers
  • Regular 100% incandescent christmas lights
  • Low power FM transmitter 107.1
  • $80-$100 extra for electric bill (Remember, not everything is on at any given time.)

Great Christmas Season!!!

[Updated 1.1.2016]

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the show. I had a great time this season!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Finally Finished!!!

[Updated 11.22.2014]

It was a long night 1:30 AM... 2015 Pictures

Oak trees and house have all the light up!!!

[Updated 11.4.2014]

No more ladder work...WooHoo!!! (Thanks Dad!!!)

The display is going up!!!

[Updated 10.15.2014]

Thanks to Phoenix Pollution Control, Inc. for allowing me to borrow a trailer to get my display out of storage.


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